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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reading Kathy Chandler...................................

A wonderful romantic fantasy that quickly gets you engaged in the lives of the main characters Johnathan and Laney. As these young adults explore the idea of finding a soul mate, adventure kicks in and sends them swimming through life's lessons. With time on their side, they are able to utilize role models that span through generations and overcome unwanted hurdles that we can all relate to. An excellant read for young adults, however, all adults will feel the magic of this story and crave more "Time in Paradise."  ~ Lauri

So excited that Kathy's second book is ready for reading.  Check out Finding Kate and visit Kathy at:

Finding Kate: A Novel

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  1. Thanks for sharing Lauri. Your support means so much. My book signings are getting started and I'm hearing good things about my stories from my readers. Let's hope it continues...

    Did you hear? It's available on Kindle now.