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Sunday, February 6, 2011

What I read this week.

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I love reading with my daughter!


My daughter is at a great age for discussing books.  She definitely has her opinions about what she likes and what she doesn’t like.  There is an excitement between us when we read a book together.

She came home with a book from her school library called The New Girl, Allie Finkle’s Rules for Girls by Meg Cabot.  I was leaving to get on a plane when I saw it in her backpack. 
I said, “Oh, Meg Cabot, can I read that?” 
She said, “Mom, I’m going to read it this weekend.” 
I said, “You will be busy with your friends this weekend, I know you will not have time to read it, let me take it.” 
She said, “When will you be back because I have to return it on Wednesday.” 
I said, “Tell your librarian that I have it, she knows me, she won’t mind.” J

Anyway, I never read it while on my trip either but since I have been back we have been taking turns reading it.  She read the first half and then I caught up with her.  Now she is on the last two chapters and I will follow.

Allie Finkle is a girl in fourth grade who has just moved and starts a new school.  Allie deals with many things that young girls can relate to such as worrying about her underwear showing as she hangs upside down on the playground.  And hmmmm……  on her first day of school there are only little kids on the playground.  Is she getting to old to be seen on the jungle gym?  But she can deal with it.  She has rules in her mind that make things easier.  Girls will want to know these rules to help with friendship, family and school. 

So I asked my daughter, “What do you think about Allie’s Rules?”
She said, “Weird!”
I said, “Why, which rule is weird?”
She said, “Her rule that says: Always ask old people what to do because they know everything.”
I said, “What’s so weird about that?”
She said, “Nobody knows everything – only God.”
I said, “What do you think is Allie’s best rule?”
She said, “The rule that says: When you are starting your first day at a new school, wear something good so people will think you are nice.”

I said, “I made up a rule for Allie.”
My daughter looked at me like, you can do that?
I said, “My rule is: Always have your Queens with you.”
My daughter said, “yeah!”

You will have to read this book to find out who “The Queens” are.  Better yet, read it with your daughter!!

We also read BOO-HOO MOO by Margie Palatine.  Visit BookBlogFun for our review!


  1. Meg Cabot is such a fun author! The book looks good! Enjoy your week of reads and thanks for joining in on the meme!

  2. What a fun experience with your daughter! I love Meg Cabot!

    Here's my Monday!

  3. I love Meg Cabot. She's such a versatile writer... I can't wait to have children so I can pass down my love of Meg Cabot to them. Although maybe by then Meg Cabot will be one of those weird old writers that nobody likes anymore.

    Hopefully not.